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Shutter Range

Wooden Shutters

Wooden Shutters The #1 Wooden Shutters Supplier In Cape Town This is the original shutter, which is now made from Bass Wood. This wood is lightweight, strong and extremely stable, which means it is not prone to warping. The selection of colours allow you to match almost any combination of natural wood surrounds. The warmth […]

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Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium Shutters The #1 Aluminium Shutters Supplier In Cape Town Made from powder coated , extruded aluminium sections, Aluminium shutters are now the latest addition to the burglar proofing market, or should we say the shutter market. Although not originally designed to act as burglar deterrents, tests that have been performed have shown these shutters

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Thermowood Shutters

Thermowood Shutters The #1 Thermowood Shutters Supplier In Cape Town Thermowood shutters are made from an engineered polymer which is durable and will not chip, crack, warp or fade. This material was designed to be a wood substitute, because it is resistant to fire and moisture and is easy to clean. These qualities, and the

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