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Wooden Shutters

The #1 Wooden Shutters Supplier In Cape Town

This is the original shutter, which is now made from Bass Wood. This wood is lightweight, strong and extremely stable, which means it is not prone to warping.

The selection of colours allow you to match almost any combination of natural wood surrounds. The warmth of the darker wood colours are ideal for domestic and office environments while the lighter shades are used to make the shutters less obtrusive.

As is the case with all wooden products, Bass Wood Shutters are excellent insulators of heat and cold.

In appearance these are identical to the Thermowood shutters, with the optional tilt rod on the louvres adding to the ease of operation.

If you want real wooden shutters and all the aesthetic appeal that goes with them, then look no further, this is the best product available.

Shutters now also available in any custom colour you require! Red, blue, grey etc.

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