Shutters are the latest window trend to hit this country from Europe and America. Originally used in the cotton plantations in the States years ago, they have developed into the fastest growing product in the industry.

Why? Well because they look good, and they are robust..


Thermowood shutters are made from an engineered polymer which is durable and will not chip, crack, warp or fade. This material was designed to be a wood substitute, because it is resistant to fire and moisture and is easy to clean. These qualities, and the low maintenance benefits have made this the product of choice both locally and abroad, especially for outdoor applications.

Thermowood shutters are commonly used for window coverings, door openings, patio enclosures and room dividers. The base colour of the material is white but we also offer the product in a number of pastel shades which are sprayed with a specially designed paint. These are one of the most cost competitive shutter types available, and the benefits offered have made Thermowood extremely popular.

Aluminium shutters

Made from powder coated , extruded aluminium sections, Aluminium shutters are now the latest addition to the burglar proofing market, or should we say the shutter market.

Although not originally designed to act as burglar deterrents, tests that have been performed have shown these shutters to be extremely difficult to break through, with panels being locked into place with latches, and louvers being secured in the closed position. In fact you would need a mechanical cutting device to make any serious attempt at getting through these shutters, which is why in the current environment , this option makes a lot of sense.

In Europe, America and locally, these are particularly popular for lock-up and go type residential applications.

Over and above these benefits, the Aluminium shutters look the same as any other type, they are also resistant to corrosive effects of outdoor applications, and offer all the other qualities associated with shutters in general. The only limitations currently are the availability of colours, which are limited to white, dark brown and charcoal.

Aluminium shutters is now also available with a key locking system for added security.

Go ahead, secure your home.


This is the original shutter, which is now made from Bass Wood. This wood is lightweight, strong and extremely stable, which means it is not prone to warping.

The selection of colours allow you to match almost any combination of natural wood surrounds. The warmth of the darker wood colours are ideal for domestic and office environments while the lighter shades are used to make the shutters less obtrusive.

As is the case with all wooden products, Bass Wood shutters are excellent insulators of heat and cold.

In appearance these are identical to the Thermowood shutters, with the optional tilt rod on the louvres adding to the ease of operation.

If you want real wooden shutters and all the aesthetic appeal that goes with them, then look no further, this is the best product available.

Shutters now also available in any custom colour you require! Red , blue, grey etc’

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