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Honeycomb Blinds

The #1 Honeycomb Blinds Supplier In Cape Town

More commonly known as ‘honeycomb cellular’ or ‘Pleated’ blinds, this product can be used in an ordinary pull up blind format, or as a skylight blind installed at an angle or even upside- down.

The honeycomb skylight blinds are available in translucent material as well as a blackout option which has an aluminium foil lining inside the honeycomb structure. The benefits of the cellular profile of the fabric are superb thermal insulation and brilliant acoustic absorption. The latter quality making these blinds suitable in applications where noise or sound need to be absorbed by the blinds.

When pulled up in a blind format, the material stacks up very small, not taking up too much window line.

The honeycomb materials may seem flimsy in appearance, but are in fact amazingly resilient and tough. This material can be washed in water and washing powder without damaging the pleats or ever losing it’s shape.

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