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Bamboo Woven Rollers

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These blinds are made of narrow slats of bamboo or wood, woven together with strings to form a matt. Bamboo blinds, as they are commonly grouped, are designed to roll up from the bottom, and can also be made to fold up in a cascade manner, similar to a roman blind. The effect given by these timeless favourites, is more of a casual, less formal oriental feel.

Over the years we have learned to narrow our range of materials down to those which provide long term stability and strength. By that we mean materials that don’t sag between the end tapes, and also sticks that do not break easily. The cheaper ready made versions sold in the retail stores are a good example of the materials we choose not to stock for this very reason.

We have a range that includes single layer and overlap types of material, to suit the needs of every application. With the overlap type you have the privacy when the blind is closed, but can’t see out. The single layer versions allow some light in but cut the glare out, creating a light filtering effect for those windows with stunning views you don’t want to spoil.

Of all the blind types, these blinds are by far the most durable. It is not uncommon for bamboo blinds to last for 20 to 30 years.

Our bamboo and woven blinds are supplied standard with a valance and cord lock mechanisms.

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