Roller blinds have become the new favourite amongst homes and offices alike. they are durable, light weight, and come in a large amount of different fabrics to suit your individual requirements. we also have a patio roller blind which is perfect for closing off the patio.


We are now able to offer our roller blinds with the motorised remote control option at a highly competitive cost. All motors run off a standard 220Volt power supply and only draw as little as 0.58 Amps each. The roller mechanisms and power supply cables can be concealed behind a Decor Wooden Valance.

New! Motorised rollers with built in WI-Fi receiver for remote control via Smart Home App on your cell phone!

Battery powered motors also available, when electric cable connections may be inaccessible!


Block Out Rollers is ideal for use in a board room, training room, games room, bedroom, or home theatre.

If you need the room completely darkened for a particular purpose, and then open for the rest of the time, this is the type of product most suitable as it rolls up out of the way when not needed.

Block Out Rollers includes a spring roller mechanism encased in an aluminium headrail with the fabric edges confined in the side channels. All forms of external light will be blocked out completely.

The frame is available in natural anodised, powder-coated aluminium in white or other colours to match the selected fabric or surrounds.

Please note: The roller blind with the aluminium side channels and bottom lathe is an OPTION for complete blockout. Otherwise, the normal roller blind with Blockout fabric is the standard.


Also known in the field as ‘sheerweave’ or ‘sunscreen’.

Shadeweave fabric is latest trend in roller blind options, and has become the biggest selling blind product. This ‘gauze’ like perforated material, allows you to cut out the glare and most of the direct sunlight, without spoiling the view, a bit like the solar film does.

Everyone loves the neat simplicity of the blinds appearance, and the softening effect on the light coming in from the window.


The Sunbreaker Patio Roller blind is the perfect solution for shielding your patio and furniture from the harsh afternoon sun or cooler rain and wind.

The Shadeweave fabric used is made from a 100% high resilience Polyester, coated with a bonded PVC which is UV stabilized.

This means it can stand up to the harsh effects of the sun and rain, and can operate in temperatures ranging from -30 degrees to + 70 degrees Celsius. This woven fabric is fire resistant to the U.S. NFPA 701 standards.

With an openness factor of 6%, the fabric cuts out the glare and excessive heat while still allowing you to savour the view from the patio. In colder rainy weather, the blind keeps out the rain and most of the cooler breeze that normally makes it unpleasant to be seated outside on your patio in these conditions or at night. What is amazing is that when you are using a patio heater, the blind helps to keep the heat in, allowing you to get much more usage out of the patio than you normally would.

The Shadeweave fabric is available in several colours to match you exterior and surrounds.

In the fully extended position, the bottom lathe can be hooked onto the floor brackets which will prevent it from moving around in the wind and rain. These fittings are made of stainless steel, making them corrosion free.

The blind can be rolled up out of the way when not in use, using the crank mechanism. A remote controlled motorized system is also available on request.

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